A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy.

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your pets healthy and happy.

We look at it in these terms – You know how eating certain foods will make you feel right? Your body reacts differently to eating an apple than it does eating a bag of greasy potato chips. It is the same for your pets! You can significantly increase the quality of life and life span of your pet, not to mention reduce vet bills by just modifying your pets diet!
Here at Friendly Pets our entire staff is committed to continuous training and development in order to be able to provide our guests with the most complete and accurate information possible.
Frequently asked questions (yes you are not alone!)

There are so many brands out there! How do I know which pet food to choose??

That is why we are here! Stop in and share your specific needs. We’ll provide you with options and will not give up until we find something that makes you comfortable!

I’m not a millionaire, can I still feed my pet a nutritionally balanced diet?

ABSOLUTLEY! There are healthy options in every price range and we carry foods that can work with ANY BUDGET! We work very hard to keep our prices below all major competitors, if you find a lower price in another retail location please let us know!

I want to feed my pet something healthy, but I’ve been feeding my pet Brand X for years and I am concerned about switching. Is it ok? Will they like it?

Every pet is different, but change can be a very good thing. Change can help their digestive system to be more flexible. We always recommend a gradual change over, slowly introducing the new food over a period of time. This way you are able to monitor the change and redirect if necessary.

My pet has allergies to specific things. Can you help me find something that will work for them?

ABSOLUTLEY! We work with allergies every day. We will work with you to find something that works for you and your pet!

My pet is super picky! What if they do not like the food I purchased??

No need to worry! We will never stick you with a product that does not fit your needs. Just return the food in the original packaging and we will exchange it for a different product or provide a refund.

Really? You will exchange my food or allow me to return it??

Yes really! We truly care about you and your pet and want to make sure you and your pet are completely satisfied!

Our focus is on increasing your pets quality of life and extending its lifespan through a balanced diet.

We love to talk food whether it be Dry, Canned, Frozen, Raw or Rehydrated. There are many choices out there and we are here to listen to what you and your furry friends want! Come talk to one of our pet food experts today!

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